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I failed the social web, again

For some days now, G+ has opened its doors to beta testers. All the people want invitations, and Reddit realized for a long time already that Facebook will be the new MySpace.

Now, last tuesday or so I saw G+ at a friend's, who sent me an invitation. Friday, I pondered the question of whether or not to sign up for G+ – literally for hours. (I have to admit, though, that while lying on my bed and considering the arguments, I fell asleep for a short period.)

I had seen some of the freshly-made Google profiles of the avant-garde – that is, technophile persons whose blogs I enjoy from time to time – and was rather impressed of the quality content they posted. So I decided to give it a try.

Now this was a major step! G+ would be the first Google product I would use that requires registration. So I went through the process and was eager to try out G+. However, as I had heard already, getting an invite doesn't mean you can use it right away, it might take a day or two.

To make a long story short: While waiting for this timespan to elapse, I browsed through various circles. And what I saw struck me as a Facebook for grown ups: People I don't know talking about stuff I don't care about, in a way that might be appropriate in a bar atmosphere, but not to be archived publicly until ... forever or something.

A day later I got a second invite, and I could continue to the G+ thing. However, the site that came up told me my browser was not supported (it's FF 3.5). So, it seems I'm not avant-garde enough to use G+.

I just deleted my freshly created Google account. I mean, come on, it's sunny outside and there's a pile of unread books waiting!

posted 2011-07-12 tagged google