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28C3 propaganda sticker I'll be at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress the next few days. If you are there, too, write me an email or text me.

I haven't throughly looked at the Fahrplan yet. But there are some classics there already, for example Dan Kaminsky, the Fnord News Show or a new Neusprech talk by maha.

Some other talks seem promising: Deceiving Authorship Detection will unveil two tools for detecting and obfuscating authorship patterns; The future of cryptology: which 3 letters algorithm(s) could be our Titanic? also sounds cool.

I was surprised to see a talk about "bup". Usually, the Congress has a very un-techy focus. To outsiders this might sound strange, but it's mainly about ideas, not so much about technology of the status quo. Talk topics normally include "What if X happens?" (where X is in: internet lockdown, censorship, Aliens arrive, ...), "How can we hack X?" (X being: CCTVs, mobile devices, our government, ...), "How we hacked X" (where X might just be your occasional airport access control badges system).

Anyway, I hope I'll have some time to play around with stuff I had on my mind for some time now.

Preparation for tomorrow's Keynote: Evgeny Morozov's TED talk.

posted 2011-12-27 tagged life and ccc