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I'm back

I'm back from Sudan! – After six weeks of travelling in the desert, mostly taking cheap sleeping options and uncomfortable local transport it is a huge relief to have these certain luxury items again: Water from the tap (which you can drink!), a hot shower, a washing machine and a nice bed.

I wrote a travel diary and will use excerpts to write up a travelog with some photos from the journey. (This will take some days, naturally.) Already I tried stitching together a panorama image of Marawi, taken in the first morning light from the top of Jebel Barkal near Karima. It's a very typical pattern which you can see anywhere along the Nile: a few hundred meters of fields, then the main village, a tarmac road – built by the Chinese, mostly – and then: hundreds of kilometers of desert.

It is shivery-cold here in Berlin; already I miss Khartoum's every-day-above-40°C weather.

posted 2012-04-10 tagged life and sudan